Milkbar Breastpumps

My business is really pumping ‐ the ROI is fantastic and best of all consistent ‐ I have growth and I have sustainable cash flow. This is extra important now as I have a second child so I have a lot on my plate ‐ my trust level has to be high that my strategic partners are looking after my money and my interests and that my advertising is doing its job properly.

Diana Swadling, Owner Milkbar Breastpumps

Project overview

Milkbar wanted more visitors to the website and to ensure their customers knew they were appreciated by giving them a superior shopping experience.

Milkbar knows it is overwhelming being a Mum and getting out and about with a baby, so they offer an easy online shopping experience and free, prompt delivery. Milkbar wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to find them online.


-Increase traffic to website

-Increase ROI from Google AdWords


-Advanced account structure



-2433.3% increase in Transactions

-1079.4% increase in Revenue

-952.1% increase in Return on Investment

Project Summary


Milkbar Breastpumps is the other baby of passionate working Mum, Diana. Through her own experiences and struggles with juggling breastfeeding, expressing and returning to work, Diana realised that all mums, but particularly new mums, needed a one stop shop for all their breastfeeding and baby essentials.

Diana’s genuine passion for motherhood and helping mothers shows through in her business she doesn’t just sell high quality products, she hires other mothers who understand the overwhelming love and exhaustion that comes with being a mother, so she can provide support to mothers with her extensive resources.

Diana’s passion and hard work has seen Milkbar grow into a well-loved and trusted company.


Diana started her business when she became a new Mother. She wanted to grow her business and looked to paid search to bring in highly qualified visitors.

Our Solution

Adwords Search

Diana came to us for help in 2015 during her initial 4 – 6 months online. We began managing her AdWords which initially did not achieve a positive ROI while we worked with Diana to fix product issues, website issues and conversion issues.

Innovative Account Structure

We created an advanced account structure to have optimal flexibility and control over the campaigns and ad groups and therefore over the budget. This structure allows us to better assess performance and turn off what is not performing and reallocate budget to the high performing campaigns.

Our innovative account structure maximises conversions and ROI and provides us with the biggest bang for Milkbar’s buck.

Extensive Research

We conducted extensive keyword research to identify the queries related to the client’s range of products, as well as the ones that carried the highest purchase intent.


We utilise automation to maximise ROI. We used Smart Bidding to optimise bids and maximise conversions and conversion value while minimising monetary risk for Milkbar. We use automated ad rotation which uses machine learning to show the ads which will produce the most conversions.

Performance Analysis

We routinely asses performance in the AdWords interface as well as in Google Analytics which provides us with a higher level of detail. We check bounce rate to identify potential problems with the landing pages or with a mismatch of messaging between the landing page and the Ad. We also check ecommerce data to identify particular products which we could create specific ad campaigns for and compare AdWords performance to that of other channels to check our relative performance.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Milkbar were one of the few companies utilising google shopping campaigns to reach their customers in Australia. The large, eye-catching images and prevalent position of Google Shopping ads and Milkbar’s acceptance of this new form of Google advertising had an immediate impact on the client’s ROAS.

We began by advertising Breastpumps, Milkbar’s primary offering. We then analysed the ecommerce data in Google Analytics to identify other products with high sales volume and revenue to expand the Product List. We regularly check ecommerce data in Google Analytics to refine and expand existing targeting for higher conversions and ROI.

Milkbar’s shopping campaign is only new but already has a Return on Advertising Spend of 514%. In April 2017 the ROAS was 612%. The average cost per conversion is 35.4% less than that of search.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We have recently completed a Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit for Milkbar. This is pending implementation when the new website is built.


Adwords Search

In one year:

  • 2433.3% increase in Transactions
  • 1079.4% increase in Revenue
  • 952.1% increase in Return on Investment
  • 742% increase in Return on Advertising Spend
  • 742.9% increase in Conversion Rate

In April 2017:

  • 571% Return on Advertising Spend
  • 471% Return on Investment

Adwords Shopping

612% Return on Advertising Spend in April 2017 average cost per conversion is 35.4% less than that of search.

The below table taken from Milkbar’s custom-created Data Studio report shows their growth in AdWords:

My business was my second baby so it was important for me to find a company I could trust. I had limited resources so a positive ROI was going to be critical, but I also needed to make sure that I was laying a solid foundation for future success.

David and the team at authentic digital have shown both authentic passion for my business as well as skill in digital marketing. The results from AdWords were not that great at first ‐ we had to work through site issues, product issues and conversion issues. After a while though, things really started to click and the groundwork we laid together early on showed its value.

Now my business is really pumping ‐ the ROI is fantastic and best of all consistent ‐ I have growth and I have sustainable cash flow. This is extra important now as I have a second child so I have a lot on my plate ‐ I have to really trust that my strategic partner are looking after my money and my interests and that my advertising is doing its job properly.

One of the best things is the ongoing pro-active advice I receive from authentic digital. We are always looking to test a new opportunity and take advantage of the latest AdWords features. Google Shopping for example has been a great ‐ we got in early and got a jump on larger competitors which has resulted in more growth and another lift in my ROI.

I know that a lot of people struggle with their online advertising and with AdWords in particular, but I have found that if you have a sound business model and the right agency on your side, it can be a force multiplier on your business. Paid search is an important backbone of my business and I look forward to continuing the fantastic growth of my company as well as the relationship with the authentic digital team.

As an ecommerce business owner in a competitive online market ‐ Conversion Rate is critical to continued business success. Recently authentic digital’s CXL Institute Certified Conversion Optimiser, Kathryn, undertook a CRO Analysis of my website.

About to undergo a design overhaul, it was perfect timing to get an expert appraisal of my website against proven Conversion Science best practices, rather than just pick what I like, or a designer recommends. The recommendations were numerous, logical, and clearly fact based, many of them will be incorporated into my new and improved site, launching Q3 2017 ‐ I can’t wait to see the impact.

Diana Swadling, Owner Milkbar

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