Conversion Rate Optimisation

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the best way to improve your online marketing Return on Investment. CRO lowers your cost per acquisition by getting you more conversions from the same number of website visitors.
CRO is about better website marketing; by decreasing friction and increasing clarity, relevancy and motivation, CRO makes converting easier and more enticing. This is done through great design, great copy and collecting and interpreting data to understand your customers and identify areas of friction.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is frequently overlooked, but often the most important factor in improving your online profitability. Why pay for more traffic when you can just convert more of the traffic you already have?


Why Conversion Rate Optimisation?

It is cost-effective.

Conversion Rate Optimisation capitalises on your current traffic. Converting more of your current traffic is much more cost-effective than buying more traffic.


It lowers your customer acquisition costs.

Conversion Rate Optimisation lowers your average Cost Per Acquisition. Doubling your conversion rate means halving your Cost Per Acquisition.


It compliments your other Digital Marketing efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimisation compliments your AdWords and SEO efforts because it ensures a more pleasurable and persuasive user experience once users arrive on your site. You also won’t waste precious budget sending visitors to a site with a low conversion rate.


More money to spend on additional marketing.

More profit means more money to spend on acquiring new users through other types of marketing such as AdWords or Search Engine Optimisation.


Small changes mean big results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation audits often uncover issues that seem small, but are large enough to stop users from converting. Many A/B tests have proved that simply changing the word or colour of a conversion button can increase the conversion rate by up to 200%.

What can Conversion Rate Optimisation achieve?

  • An enhanced user experience
  • Increased understanding of customer behaviours and requirements
  • An improved journey for the mobile user
  • Increase in online revenue and sales
  • Optimisation of your website design
  • The conversion of more customers
  • Increased ROI overall online channels

Conversion Rate Optimisation Services

There are many factors that contribute to a users decision to convert. authentic digital has a unique, multi-dimensional approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation to tackle all these factors. have a systematic and structured approach to improving the performance of your website. As well as a certification in Conversion Rate Optimisation from the conversion world leaders ConversionXL, our Conversion Specialist is certified in Graphic Design, English and Analytics to provide a well-rounded analysis of your website.

We have a variety of conversion services which we tailor to fit any website, budget and business as we understand that there is no one best practice – only what is best for your business, website and customers. During your client interview, we will learn about your business, target customers and conversion goals and decide on the best way to approach conversion. Below are the main aspects we focus on to improve your conversion rate:

Analytics & User Behaviour

Our Analytics health check ensures you’re tracking user behaviour, identifies where your website is leaking money and highlights potential usability issues and site issues. Heatmaps and user recordings provide a deeper understand of how users interact with your website. This allows you to make informed content, structure and design changes.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience enhances your customer’s satisfaction with your website by enhancing it’s feel and refining the conversion flow. We evaluate how users feel when they interact with your website, focussing on customer journey, ease of use, accessibility of information and perception of value, trust and accessibility.


Up to 95% of our purchase decisions are directed by subconscious mental processes. We make the most of the psychology of sales to increase conversions; we address the nature of subconscious decision making, the role of emotions and the mechanisms that trigger attention.


Website copy that converts is genuine, clear, relevant, easily digestible, alleviates doubts and motivates customers to convert. We’ll tweak your copy so that it creates emotional responses in your customers and inspires them to act.

User Interface Design (UI)

We map out solutions in visually appealing wireframes created with your brand and customers in mind. Visual hierarchy leads users to conversion-critical elements in a straightforward structure and clean, intuitive design.


A/B testing on Optimizely allows us to test rather than guess and reveal the potential of your online business. We will come up with a test hypothesis and perform important split tests to ensure you’re getting the best conversion rate possible.
Essential Conversion AuditComprehensive Conversion Plan
Assessment of the essential aspects to improve your conversion rateThe thorough approach to increase your conversion rate and ROI
Client interviewClient interview
Conversion research and analytics health checkConversion research and analytics health check
Competitor AnalysisCompetitor Analysis
User Experience (UX)User Experience (UX)
User Behaviour
User Interface (UI) Design
Development project management assistance
User Testing
A/B Testing
Ongoing data analysis
Ongoing conversion advice

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