You Could be Losing 61% of Your Mobile Traffic to Competitors

If you haven’t heard the term responsive web design, it won’t be long before you do..

61% of users will actually leave a non mobile-responsive website in search for one that is!

Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices are growing in popularity. A responsive design allows your website to adapt in response to the specific device it is being viewed on, changing its look and feel to provide functionality across any device.

Have you ever looked at a website on a smart phone and had to zoom and scroll just to view one page? Even then it still doesn’t look right, and most of the content doesn’t work. This is a non-responsive website.

A responsive design works seamlessly across any device, both now and in years to come on devices yet to be invented. This is not only a great advantage over your competitors, but a great tool in creating a conversion driven, user friendly and future-proof website.

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