What is SEO?

1. There is one goal in SEO ‐ get more of the right traffic to your site you do this by having higher rankings for your relevant search terms/keywords.

2. There are two main types of SEO, work is complete on your site with On-page SEO and off your site with Off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves more of the technical side of things with alt tags and H1 titles (Google has to be able to easily read the code and find all your pages – this is often a major hidden problem), and Off-page is often more centred around link building. Content marketing has a valuable role in both types of SEO your content has to be unique and relevant and other sites that are considered of quality and relevant to the same topic need to be linking to you.

3. Three things affect your results. What are you doing to rank. What are your competitors doing to rank. What are the search engines like Google doing with their Algorithm. Google wants to give the best possible result when someone searches so they have a set of rules to define and list websites based on what makes a quality, relevant, useful result

If you are missing any of the three pieces of the puzzle then you will become frustrated with your lack of progress i.e. a lot of companies spend a lot of money on content marketing thinking it will drive their SEO but if you have great content that Google cannot index you miss out on the SEO value.

To be successful online you need to be proactive about your SEO. This means setting goals, knowing your market share, creating the right content, building quality links back to your site and following best practice for website optimisation.

Our SEO professionals can optimise your site for the different types of searches people are using to look for your products or services. Some prospects will be wanting to purchase right now, others will be researching. We identify these opportunities and make sure you have the right web pages to rank for these searches.

Many agencies say they work on SEO but they don’t really know what is contributing to their clients business or what it could and should contribute, it’s a common misconception that SEO services is a dark art. This is understandable as analysing your competitive landscape and showing direct cause and affect between SEO and measurable results used to be extremely difficult.

To solve this problem we have chosen the BrightEdge SEO platform. In fact we are the only New Zealand based agency using this technology. BrightEdge’s Share of Voice technology provides an instant snapshot into who are all the competitors in your space, for any group of keywords , service or product line, and allows you to dig deeper into exactly what they’re doing to drive traffic online. If your competitors are ranking ahead of you, you’ll know why and the steps required to beat them.

Our consultants understand that in the business world, ROI (return on investment) is everything. That’s why we are fully transparent in where your money goes. We measure real business results… leads, sales and revenue. You can access our project management system and see exactly what work is planned and what has been completed for your business. Giving you full visibility of your SEO services management plan.

SEO is a foundation stone of any successful website. It’s where you should start when planning a website. Unfortunately, all too often, web design agencies treat SEO as the icing on the cake ‐ like it’s something that’s tacked on as an extra expense. If your planning a new website don’t build it until you have first consulted with our SEO professionals. As long as Search Engines are here SEO will be important and if this is not actively managed it presents risk to your business and a lost opportunity. SEO is not a quick fix one shot deal. We use only approved ethical techniques – undoing damage from unethical practices is a very costly exercise, especially if you get a penalty from Google. With authentic digital you can sleep sound at night knowing you’re in the safe hands of an expert team who will build you a long term sustainable SEO program.

Be wary of companies offering a one size fits all SEO packages or guaranteed ranking results We understand everyone’s situation is unique and there really isn’t a one size fits all solution in the world of online marketing, especially SEO. Accordingly, the next step is for you to contact us and together we’ll work out what’s best for you. Authentic Digital have over ten years of experience in providing SEO services globally. So go ahead, contact us today – we’re here to help.

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