The Most Powerful Marketing Tool You Never Thought Of

Business owners and marketing professionals today don’t know the power of autoresponders.

Maybe it’s because they go against nearly every piece of marketing advice out there ‐ that is to bepersonal.

Sending an automatic email to every recipient doesn’t follow these typical rules you hear from the gurus. But autoresponders can actually be an extremely powerful part of your marketing mix and are a brilliant way for your business to bring in extra traffic. If you’re not using them, you could be missing out on the most important part of your lead nurturing efforts.

What is an email autoresponder?

An autoresponder is just a sequence of emails that gets sent to subscribers when they complete some form of action on your website, such as filling in a form or completing a purchase. Consider how these campaigns could add value to your business.

  1. Welcome Email: when someone fills in their emails address on your website, they’re ASKING you for information and content. A great way to deliver it is by offering a steady drip of emails, each containing little pieces of valuable info. This gets them familiarised with your products or what you do, shows your expertise in the field and keeps your brand front of mind for the life of the series.
  2. Abandoned cart: Whether it was because the customer wasn’t ready to buy or because they got cold feet midway through the purchase ‐ abandoned shopping carts happen. Sending them an email soon after they’ve abandoned the cart reminding them of the products they carted, with a link back to complete the purchase could result in a sale.
  3. Transaction Confirmation: Have you ever hit the checkout button then wondered whether the order has actually gone through? Autoresponse emails can let the customer know the transaction has accepted, and you can even take it a step further and send them an update when the product has been shipped.

You could even offer a 6-part autoresponder that delivers an educational series for everyone who signs up for your newsletter. It would position you as the expert and give them something of value while laying the groundwork for a sale later on. One autoresponder series will create the same great experience for your first subscriber as it will for your 100,000th subscriber. It will continue to deliver your best content to every new prospect or customer that finds you, forever.

What goes into a really good autoresponder?

The trick to a great autoresponder is to make it all about the reader.

They’ve given you their email which means they’re already interested in what you do. The autoresponders’ objective is to turn their curiosity into passion for your products and services. It needs to be comprised of your best content that gives the readers something of value and something that’s useful. It needs to solve a problem, or give them a step-up toward what they want to achieve.

Autoresponders make your case for you, and if the recipient is not ready to do business with you right now, it will help keep you front of mind until they are.

Do you have an autoresponder in place right now? If not, why not? Autoresponders are so simple to set-up, yet wildly effective. Start focusing on your business and how you can leave your competition in the dust by using the marketing tool that carries on working while you’re asleep.

If you have set up an autoresponder

  1. Is it packed with the type of content that’s going to turn your prospects into customers and your readers into raving fans?
  2. Is there enough emails in the sequence, could you add even more value with just a few more emails?
  3. Is the timing and frequency right?

For more information on autoresponders and how they can work for your business, contact one of our team today. We can help you plan, create and deliver a series or just help you out with some free advice on what’s right for your business.

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