Seven Reasons Why it’s Time to Outsource your Digital Marketing Activities

As your company grows, and begins to look more seriously at its marketing activities, it’s only natural that you begin to wonder about outsourcing or hiring to help ease the workload, and keep your business moving forward.

While many look to hiring an extra pair of hands in the office, to help with Marketing activities and other tasks, it’s not always a guaranteed solution for the problem at hand. Although outsourcing tends to come across as the more costly option, in reality this is not always the case.

Before you make any decisions about hiring a new staff member, consider these seven benefits of outsourcing a digital marketing agency instead.

1. You’re in the hands of a professional

Digital Marketing has come a long way in the past few years, and the industry is abundant with talented marketing professionals who make it their mission to be the best in the business. Now more than ever it’s easy to find an experienced and affordable online marketing professional or agency who will work with you and your company to learn about your different goals and implement effective strategies on your behalf.

2. Save Money

The most common reason we hear from companies who are hesitant about outsourcing is their fear of the cost. When in fact, if cost is a major factor in your decision, then outsourcing should really be your only option. Yes, every digital marketing agency charges for their services, but you’ll save that over and over not having to spend on staff, specialised software, specialist training and a multitude of other overhead costs. What takes you an hour to achieve, an expert could do in 10 minutes ‐ and as an added bonus you’ll benefit from the fixed cost each month.

3. Benefit from shared interests

The next biggest reason we hear from companies is the trust issue, which admittedly is a pretty rational reason to be wary of outsourcing. If you do go down the path of outsourcing, it’s essential you have faith in the company you’ve hired. That being said, they’ve got just as much at stake as you do. Your company is only as good as your customers satisfaction rating, and with agencies it’s exactly the same.

4. You’ll pick up tricks from the pro’s

You’re not a digital marketing professional, and attempting to take care of your businesses online needs could actually do you more harm than good, not to mention waste a lot of your time. This doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from learning how the online world works, and how a professional marketing strategy is conceptualised and implemented effectively. Employing the skills of a digital marketing agency means you’ll benefit from spending time with the pro’s learning exactly how to turn your marketing goals into reality.

5. Benefit from an agencies mistakes

Digital marketing agencies work within many industries and have multiple clients they’re working with every day to achieve various goals. This kind of experience only comes from working within a high-pace agency and is not something you can be assured of when hiring instead.

6. Give your business agility

Digital marketing agencies are positioned better to respond to dips and opportunities in the market, and can take full advantage of them as soon as they come about. A hired staff member can often become bogged down with the day-to-day housekeeping of your marketing activities. With an agency, you’ll have a professional in your corner keeping an eye on these types of things at all times, so you’ll be better positioned to be steps ahead of your competitor at all times.

7. Grow your presence across multiple platforms

Many companies who do their marketing in house can only afford to focus on one or two key platforms at any one time. Be it Facebook, EDM campaigns, maintaining your website or writing blogs. One person cannot be expected to do it all, and to a high standard. A digital marketing agency can have you covered across multiple platforms as and when you need them to be.


Deciding to outsource your marketing activities is a big decision, and often a scary one to make if you don’t have all of the facts. Give us a call today for an in depth discussion about what a digital marketing agency can really achieve for your business.

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