Mutant Monkeys From Mars

What Do Mutant Monkeys From Mars Have in Common with Radio Ads and SEO?

Mutant Monkeys from Mars on the radio? There is a company running a Mutant Monkeys from Mars radio ad. In a clever integration of their offline and online marketing they are directing radio listeners to google for Mutant Monkeys from Mars. When you do this you are faced with a standard Google results page… of course they have made sure that they have prepared a web page that is SEO’d towards the keyword phrase Mutant Monkeys From Mars so you see them as the first Google search result. Position #1 by the way usually gets 25-35% of all of the search traffic.

When you click on the Mutant Monkeys from Mars link you will be taken to a landing page. A landing page is a carefully created page that carries messaging directly related to the SEO keyword traffic or AdWords/PPC traffic that you are looking to bring to your website.

The user so far has had a seamlessly integrated marketing experience transitioning from hearing the Mutant Monkeys From Mars radio ad to searching online for Mutant Monkeys from Mars and getting an ideal search result ‐ TIP: obviously this was easy to do as nobody else is even trying to rank for that, just adding this post to our blog will probably show up on page #1 ‐ which is why you should be blogging as part of your SEO strategy ‐ but it still gets the point across that Google results can be maximised with SEO.

Too often we see companies providing a disjointed marketing experience with no strategic thought linking the different ways they are reaching a potential customer ‐ the customer pathway. How many businesses look at their prospective customers as people who in their everyday life will be experiencing all types of so-called offline and online marketing.

An Integrated Marketing Approach is Critical (Especially with all this monkey business)

At Authentic Digital we believe strongly in a data driven integrated marketing approach. Your customers do not care about there being different managers looking after communications and digital and they do not care what you consider to be SEO or paid media or content marketing.

There are no offline or online customers – just people who seamlessly transition from online mediums to offline mediums multiple times per day. Congratulations to PureSEO on their approach to integrated marketing, if we could provide any additional advice to people looking to take this approach it would be to take it a couple of steps further.

As a data focused organisation Authentic Digital would advise you to use a unique tracking phone number – it is easy and inexpensive to get a new phone number and link it to your main line – with an additional number mentioned in the radio ad so you know exactly how many people came through your landing page and how many directly from the radio ad.

Grab Your Space Suit and Buckle Up

Hold on to your hats the next part may get a little scary but that is what a digital marketing agecy is for. To ensure everything is tracked and measured and to make sure it is all easy to understand and you know exactly what you are getting out of it as far as KPIs, targets, benefits – with that out of the way please read on to see how this can be taken to the next level.

If you want to go the extra mile and become a real data junky we would set up a dynamic tracking number that links to your Google Analytics account and then every time the number is called (remembering it only shows up to people on your Mutant Monkeys from Mars landing page) you get a conversion registered in your analytics account. You can then cross reference your ad placement data to work out the correlation between the timing and frequency of your ad spend and the timing and volume of phone calls. This data would allow you to optimise the timing and frequency of your radio ad spend thereby increasing the effectiveness of your entire campaign.

We would love to see more New Zealand businesses taking an integrated approach to marketing and for the ones who truly want to reap the benefits of marketing based on data then it is a whole new world of efficiency, effectiveness and measurable marketing ROI.

See that wasnt too hard was it? If you would like to know more about how your business can benefit from an integrated marketing approach led by data then feel free to get in touch.

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