How do you succeed with AdWords?

Here are a few important tactics, that can and should be used in any AdWords campaign:

Business analysis – it all starts with your business what you do, what you charge, why are you different.

Competitive Market Analysis – what is the market doing, what is the average CPC, can you compete profitably.

Keyword Research – where are the low hanging fruit that you can exploit for maximum return.

Analytics – the AdWords interface is where you place your bids and structure your campaigns, Google Analytics is where you determine what is working and what you should do next.

Quality Score – a higher quality score means you can bid less and rank higher than your competition or pay lower CPC for the same position so your budget goes further and your CPC and cost per lead/sale goes down.

Settings & Extensions – there are so many settings and extensions available in AdWords and they grow constantly.

Negatives – use negative keywords – if you sell new widgets then exclude the word used from your campaigns.

Cheat – well not exactly cheating beta testing Google run tests of new features with trusted agencies like authentic digital so our clients can have features activated in their accounts that most companies (your competitors and their agencies) don’t even have access to yet!

These are the absolute basics – there are many more techniques that your authentic digital AdWords analysts can apply to maximise your ROI based on years of experience and tens of millions of dollars generated for clients through AdWords marketing.

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