Create A Roadmap To Grow Your Revenue

Like running a race with no finish line, some marketing experts can often lead you on an endless quest for results you never really feel are realised.

It’s discouraging, and we’ve encountered many companies who have experienced it first-hand. They’ve been burnt by those experts in the industry who carry out work at random with no plan of action in place to measure results or show any form of accountability

If you do not know where you are now, or where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve reached your destination?

A journey such as the one you embark on with online marketing needs a clearly laid out roadmap, with an agreed destination. Whether you’re looking at a basic Social Media strategy or a full scale integrated marketing strategy. You deserve to understand what your investment will return to you.

Do you know the answer to these questions?

Where are you positioned online, and what is your market share? How competitive is your market and how are your competitors fairing? What are your revenue opportunities for future growth?

Our entire process at Authentic Digital begins with a discovery and research phase to answer these questions.

Our ability to run algorithms and forecast the potential market and possible returns for our clients gives us a clear goal to shoot for and report to. Forecasting is carried out on an area of SEO interest and these reports give us a general insight into what we can expect from work carried out. These goals are dash boarded and provide a visual report for our clients.

The keywords selected for our forecasts are exact keywords and only form part of an overall strategy. On engagement we extend the keyword groups and provide forecast goals and reporting dashboard for the management team to view progress for the project.

One of the key factors that set Authentic Digital apart from competitors worldwide is our desire to gain a return on investment for our clients and be transparent with the wins and losses that we get on the journey. A long term relationship with our clients and partners will only eventuate if we are able to grow their business with a sustainable cost of acquisition for new sales and leads

Our strong growth is a result of our entire team focusing on excellent delivery for our clients. Like all the best laid plans it doesn’t always go 100% to script but our clients and partners are comforted by our whatever it takes attitude to get the right result. We have worked hard to gain the industry accolades that we have received and one thing we never lose sight of is that if our clients are growing so are we!

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