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Growth, speed & adaptability are central tenets of the Authentic Digital philosophy and culture.

This year we are ranked 18th on the 2013 Deloitte Fast 50 Index, with a growth percentage of 351.20%. We’re now looking for clients who we can help get on the Deloittes top 50 in 2014, would you like to be one of them?

With the rise and rise of online media, Authentic Digital (AD) is undergoing meteoric growth.

This year we are ranked 18th on the 2013 Deloitte Fast 50 Index, with a growth percentage of 351.20%. Established 10 years ago, we now have the highest number of Google certified professionals of any independent online marketing agency in New Zealand.

This success highlights the increasing importance of online marketing for business growth and success companies are demanding a real return from their investment rather than just a pretty website with unnecessary bells and whistles.

In our experience it’s all too common for people to become caught up with the design aspects of a website. Of course it’s important that it reflects your brand and positioning, but ultimately it’s about converting visitors to clients. Companies are aware of the importance an online presence has in their respective markets, but fail to use their website to its extent as a business growth tool.

On average, two out of every 100 people visiting a company’s website will convert to clients. With proper research, testing and optimization it is possible to lift the conversion rate to 10 people in every 100. That’s 500% growth. For one of our clients this equated to over one million dollars in growth.

A key aspect of this optimization is ensuring your website makes it clear to users the steps to take, in order to achieve what they came to your website to do. It sounds simple, but it is so common for simple things like this to be overlooked. The steps need to be clear or people will give up and go elsewhere.

We are in the business of generating online sales and leads for businesses to grow in New Zealand and internationally. We audit websites, research how your business stacks up against the opposition, and design custom online marketing strategies based on your unique return on investment goals.

What kind of leads are you getting from your website, and who is your ideal client? What outcomes are you looking for? How do people search for your services? What are your competitors doing? What is their commercial intent?

These are the critical questions you need to be asking.

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