Make More Money From Your Traffic With 300% Conversion Rate Increase

The better your website can convert traffic, the more money you will make. This is elementary in order for your business to survive in the competitive online environment.

To do this, you need to maximise every piece of your hard-earned traffic by testing and adapting your webpages to optimise their ability to convert.

Find out where your website is leaking sales and how to fix it with practical advice you can implement today.

Would you waste money buying more traffic to your site only to have them leave again? If your website is a bad salesperson then that is exactly what you are doing.

Look at these two websites: One is making 50 sales the other 200. Why?

Site A

  • Website visitors per month 1000
  • Conversion rate 0.5%
  • Average Sale Value $1000
  • Sales 50
  • Total website revenue = $50,000 per month

Site B

  • Website visitors per month 1000
  • Conversion rate 2%
  • Average Sale Value $1000
  • Sales 200
  • Total website revenue = $200,000 per month

If you were site A would you say:

Wow I need to quadruple my AdWords spend for every month from now on and forever!

Or would you say

I really need a website that can sell to the traffic I am already receiving

Of course the smart money is on #2, getting your website to sell better. We call this Conversion Rate Optimisation. If you have a salesperson that sells 25% of the next salesperson you don’t throw more leads at them to waste you train them to be better salespeople.

What would it be worth to you to quadruple your sales?

There are so many ways that your website can either win or lose you a sale including:

  • Copywriting ‐ Do you use words that convert? Are your headlines interesting?
  • Design ‐ Is it professional and appropriate to your industry?
  • Usability ‐ How easy is it to actually find out about what you do and how to contact you?
  • Functionality ‐ Do all of your links work? Do all of your forms work? Are any images broken or fuzzy?
  • Cart Abandonment ‐ How many people add to cart then don’t buy? Why?
  • Forms ‐ Do they make sense? Do you ask too many questions and put people off?
  • Buttons ‐ The colour of a button can literally double your conversion rate (unfortunately there is no magic colour, it is about testing the right colour for your site)

It goes on and on, we have never worked on a website that hasn’t had multiple conversion problems costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue per year. So what do you do?

The best way to plug the holes leaking sales out of your website is to have a professional conversion audit performed. Done properly this can take 1 to 2 months and you should have a list of specific changes that need to be made to various aspects of your website to improve your conversion rate. A conversion can be anywhere from 3-10k for an average website. The question you have to ask is What would it be worth to my business to double, triple, quadruple my sales?.

To get you started we have put together a Free Conversion Rate Optimisation Introductory Series that will cover the basics of different aspects of conversion optimisation with practical advice that you can implement yourself. The first installment The Secret to Words that Convert’ is available free to download below.

As an online marketing company that provide expert SEO and AdWords/PPC services it may seem crazy that we would be trying to talk you out of spending more on your AdWords and SEO budgets. The thing is that when you have a high converting website you can actually afford to invest more into traffic services as it becomes worth more to you. If you can currently afford a cost per click (CPC) of $3, and your conversion rate doubles, you can then spend $6 per click. This opens you up to more expensive keywords, higher ad positions, and the ability to really push hard on your competitors whose websites don’t sell as well as yours, they won’t be able to afford to compete. Our clients have experienced improvements upwards of 300% increase in conversion rates, and the same can be achieved for you.

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