Adword Myths That Could be Costing You a Small Fortune

AdWords is a hugely powerful advertising platform that can be utilised by almost any type of business to get found online.

Unfortunately it cannot help you lose weight or look younger, but it can add years of life and value to your business when utilised to its full potential. Below we’ve set the record straight on a few common AdWords myths that really can

Myth #1:

In-House Is Better For My Smaller Budget.

Time and again we hear the same concern from clients Why pay for someone to manage our account, when all we need is a set-up? Surely we can then manage it in-house?

About a year ago a client of ours came to us with an account he wanted optimised for his successful Auckland based business. After a few months, the results were great and he decided to take over the account and handle it in-house.

Six months down the track he contacted us again inquiring about our optimisation services. He hadn’t touched his account in months, ROI was slowly dwindling, Ad Spend was up, sales were down and our client was confused to say the least.

This set & forget approach will not get you very far. Your account needs weekly attention (if not daily). The online landscape is continually changing, you need to keep up-to-date to stay competitive and it will take on-going optimisation monitoring, testing, bid lowering/increasing to get the most from your investment.

Myth #2:

I Need to Rank Number One to Make Any Money off AdWords

This is a common myth and one we hear all the time. Every AdWords agency out there will happily guarantee you first page, number one position on Google. Why? Here’s the shocker, they don’t actually need to do anything special to make this happen. The real value in AdWords has much less to do with which ad position you hold in the rankings, but in showing your ads to the right set of people, at the right time ‐ ranking highly is a by-product of this, not the primary goal.

Myth #3

I Don’t Want to Pay for Invalid Clicks

Google is actually very dedicated to keeping track of and controlling fraudulent traffic. In fact, if they determine the clicks to be fraudulent, Google will actually credit you for them.

Invalid clicks can be manual clicks from competitors or clicks from automated malicious software.

Myth #4

My AdWords Listings Will Influence My Organic Search Results

A quote from Google directly ‐ your participation in AdWords will not affect the ranking or inclusion of your site in the Google search index

Paid advertising and organic listings on Google are calculated in different ways, and you need different marketing strategies to perform well in each. A common misconception is that companies with high AdWords budgets are rewarded with better organic listings. A point to remember here is that Google is the most popular search engine because it gives users what they are looking for. So, making results less relevant, in order to serve larger corporations would not be in Google’s best interests. In fact, in the US, Microsoft’s Bing search engine holds about 30% market share, so Google needs to be careful.

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