Leading Campervan Company

"To say we are happy is an understatement. I have enjoyed working with the authentic digital team and their level of commitment to achieve above-average results is very evident. It is an excellent partnership and it is refreshing to work with a company that really listens to your needs and values your input. They have kept me in the loop and explained the reasoning behind every strategy used. It is a good balance where they listen, advise and implement. One of the key surprises for me is how quickly they got traction for us, we expected a much longer lead time for Google AdWords and it was a bonus."

mySpa Sydney

"We are very happy with the growth our business has seen over the many years we've been working with authentic digital. Their expertise in the digital marketing space is extremely valuable and we consider it an investment into our business to work with them. Not only that, they are genuinely nice people who care about our business. Highly recommend it!"

Anna Shannon - Marketing Director

Tile Space

"We are very pleased with the results to date – it is great to have expert advice on tap. One of the best things about dealing with authentic digital is that you are always working with a strategist who actually knows digital marketing inside out – not a salesperson or an account manager with thin knowledge. Their technical, fact-based, but 'plain language' approach to everything from SEO to website planning has been a breath of fresh air and given us the confidence to accelerate our digital program for 2016."

Miranda Powrie - Marketing Manager (April 2017 - December 2020)

"An exceptional group, helping me to understand search and the digital landscape like never before."

Sam Shosanya - Tile Space CEO (February 2022 - June 2023)"

PEPWorldwide New Zealand

"I just had to give a huge shoutout to David Cranwell at authentic digital! If you're seeking a reliable and transparent internet marketing partner to fuel your growth, look no further. Give authentic digital a call—you won't regret it!"

Jo McFadden - PEPWorldwide General Manager

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