Sapphire Spas

"A short sharp brief and authentic digital got the job done. Now we're on page one organically, rather than just ads, for over 150 different spa-related search terms. Our relationship with authentic digital has seen Sapphire become a leading player in the spa pool and swim spa category online. We find authentic digital to be effective, honest, and responsive, give fact-based advice, listen to our requirements, and get the job done. We appreciate that they only do what they are best at and are happy to refer us to other companies for work that is outside of their sweet spot, and are always open to sharing their knowledge - it makes for a great partnership."

Julie Pickford - Marketing Manager

Baker Accounting

"authentic digital has a high level of technical ability, brand awareness, and knowledge of the right tools. The fact that I had met David Cranwell (authentic digital General Manager) was the main aspect that made us choose authentic digital and the partnership helped accomplish our marketing goals."

Hamish Baker - Founder & Director

New Zealand Health Group

"I enjoy working with the authentic digital team because they care, and they deliver results. The best part about our partnership is the collaboration process as we work closely together to achieve the desired outcomes for our campaigns. Another great feature of authentic digital is transparency. I appreciate being in the know of how my budget is being spent, and that real work is being put behind the agreed hours. authentic digital goes above and beyond in their works, and I would strongly recommend them to any organisation - this comes from a person who has experience with many SEO/SEM agencies in New Zealand previously."

Mike Nguyen - Senior Marketing Executive


"I've really enjoyed working with authentic digital for the past couple of years. They've been available, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable - including picking up issues that other companies have failed to pick up and making recommendations for improvements. I have a lot of trust in them, and we've seen great results for the business due to their work."

Lucy Carthew - Digital & CRM Specialist

Australian Printed Ribbon

"Over the last 3 years, our relationship with authentic digital has enabled us to be well positioned when it comes to our brand visibility and organic online footprint within the Australian 'Printed Ribbon' industry.They have not only doubled the SEO traffic to our website, but also tripled the amount of keywords that we have ranked on Page 1 of Google Australia. We found David and the team approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful. Having initially only signed up for a 12 month contract; we then continued to utilise their services for a total of 3 years."

Carolyn Krohn - Australian Printed Ribbon Owner


"authentic digital has been crucial in advising on our new website design and functionality, as well as establishing ongoing AdWords and SEO efforts that have greatly improved our traffic and conversions... We at QuickCash are thrilled with the service, support and (most importantly) results that we have received from authentic digital and would be happy to endorse them for the highest of accolades."

Simon Anderson - Finance Manager


"Nothing short of exceptional service. The team at authentic digital are intelligent, driven, well structured and very accommodating to shifting goalposts. They provide a level of transparency in everything they do and seek to empower your team with skills and knowledge to succeed. Amazing team."

Liam Bligh - General Manager

Storm Rides

"The team at authentic digital have been our secret weapon for going on 5 years now. Our results speak for themselves, any time we launch a new brand we are able to dominate the online space and drive conversions as well as store visits. We also do very well for high converting generic terms."

Andrew Altmann - Director and Founder


"David and the team at authentic digital really helped our marketing team come up to speed with the mechanics and business opportunities behind SEO, SEM, and social networks. I have no hesitation recommending authentic digital to any company needing to know more about this "new" medium."

Paul Maroni - Group Marketing Manager

Absolute Analytics

"We've worked with authentic digital for over 5 years collaborating with various clients and projects. They work with integrity and get great results for their clients."

Mark McKenzie - General Manager

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