Category: Google Ads

Harper Properties

"authentic digital has done a great job assisting us with getting our brand out there and getting traffic in. They are experts in SEO and Paid advertising, and their team is knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their online presence."

Jon Harris - Harper Properties Owner

FUJIFILM Business Innovation

"Chris (PPC Specialist at authentic digital) demonstrated a genuine investment in getting good results for our account. We felt a lot more transparency on what was done and was to be done monthly. The communication was really good, all the changes and recommendations were communicated accordingly. The implementation of meeting notes was very helpful, making things easier for us to have a simple round out. The Data Studio reports that authentic digital built were good for our monthly reporting because they were easy to understand."

Alastair Belton - Digital Marketing Executive

HPWF Auckland

"I had several years working with authentic digital and we have a great business relationship. Thanks to their Google Ads expertise we have seen increases in viewer interactions and leads. They are proactive, honest and the communication is great! I would highly recommend them to any business that needs a hand improving their Digital Marketing presence."

Noeleen Winsor - Business Manager

Cranberry Property Services

"My experience with authentic digital was fantastic, they isolated the issues with our current systems and fixed the issues. They were easy and great to deal with."

John Jellie - General Manager

Nintex – Promapp

"Although there were many top options in the mix it was immediately apparent that the authentic digital team had the rare mix of skill, experience, transparency, and sheer passion for the work that we were looking for. We signed on for an initial analysis and pilot period of 4 months, now 2 years later the results and relationship are still fantastic. In 2018 the Promapp organisation was acquired by Nintex, an originally Australian and now Seattle-based tech giant. authentic digital has a high-quality internal team, takes ownership of its work, are well connected with Google Australasia, and can think and act strategically as well as technically."

Menilik Dyer - Marketing Manager

ChildFund New Zealand

"I've enjoyed working with authentic digital and I'm glad I made contact with them. I wanted to thank you for leading on some really important work for ChildFund."

Arron Peacock - Head of Fundraising

Sapphire Spas

"A short sharp brief and authentic digital got the job done. Now we're on page one organically, rather than just ads, for over 150 different spa-related search terms. Our relationship with authentic digital has seen Sapphire become a leading player in the spa pool and swim spa category online. We find authentic digital to be effective, honest, and responsive, give fact-based advice, listen to our requirements, and get the job done. We appreciate that they only do what they are best at and are happy to refer us to other companies for work that is outside of their sweet spot, and are always open to sharing their knowledge - it makes for a great partnership."

Julie Pickford - Marketing Manager

Baker Accounting

"authentic digital has a high level of technical ability, brand awareness, and knowledge of the right tools. The fact that I had met David Cranwell (authentic digital General Manager) was the main aspect that made us choose authentic digital and the partnership helped accomplish our marketing goals."

Hamish Baker - Founder & Director

New Zealand Health Group

"I enjoy working with the authentic digital team because they care, and they deliver results. The best part about our partnership is the collaboration process as we work closely together to achieve the desired outcomes for our campaigns. Another great feature of authentic digital is transparency. I appreciate being in the know of how my budget is being spent, and that real work is being put behind the agreed hours. authentic digital goes above and beyond in their works, and I would strongly recommend them to any organisation - this comes from a person who has experience with many SEO/SEM agencies in New Zealand previously."

Mike Nguyen - Senior Marketing Executive


"I've really enjoyed working with authentic digital for the past couple of years. They've been available, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable - including picking up issues that other companies have failed to pick up and making recommendations for improvements. I have a lot of trust in them, and we've seen great results for the business due to their work."

Lucy Carthew - Digital & CRM Specialist