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authentic digital does work that actually moves the needle, understands actual business, doesn’t just talk about clicks or ROAS or other advertising metrics, they have a deep understanding of how e-commerce operates.Our e-commerce traffic has more than tripled and revenue is up more than 500% in 2 years. So, we are not just getting more people, we are getting the right people.

Andrew Altmann


Project Summary

Storm Rides supplies the biggest, baddest range of electric scooters to New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Their collection of high-end scooters, cruisers, e-skateboards and accessories are from industry giants like Kaabo, Vsett, Apollo as well as their own signature STORM range.

e-range of electric scooters imported and sold by STORM RIDES Electric Scooters are carefully hand-selected from across the planet to meet the needs of everyone from a last-mile boot scooter, to serious commuters, and on up-to-the beast level enthusiast e-scooters.

So, when Andrew Altmann, owner of Storm Rides, partnered with us in 2016 to develop their creative and digital advertising campaigns, we were pretty stoked, to say the least.

Since then, authentic digital has been managing Storm Rides’ digital marketing, ranging from SEO to Social Advertising, Content Marketing, and Google Display and Search ads. Which have contributed to a massive increase in their business revenue and drastically improved their website quality to the point that they have over 200 valuable keywords ranking on Page #1 in Google, and over 150 of those are ranking in the Top #3 !!

The Challenge

When Storm Rides came to us five years ago, they were on a mission to build a solid reputation for the best, high-tech e-scooters in NZ, but the brand had yet to fully tap into their ideal demographic. Storm’s previous website was also holding them back due to its e-commerce limitations, so they wanted to migrate to a new website.

At the time, Storm had just branched into social media, so there was a huge potential to make use of it. It was an exciting time for Storm, and we were excited to start taking the brand to the next level.

The Solution

In our initial consultation and kick-off meeting with Andrew, we set the KPI‘s, goals and projected the scope, action plan and deliverables, and then it was time to get to work.

Website Migration

One of our first priorities was to get the Storm Rides website upgraded, which meant migrating from the existing Squarespace site to the current, e-commerce-focused Shopify site. One of the authentic digital specialties is Conversion Rate Optimization, so together with Storm’s web development team, we did the site migration and implemented CRO tactics to improve the site health, user-experience and set up tracking to better monitor user behavior on the site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO specialists then moved on to ensure the site ranks well within the search network and brings in quality, organic traffic. This involves On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and creating valuable backlinks a complex, continuous process that we implement to this day.

Content Marketing

At the heart of a strong SEO campaign, is a powerful content marketing strategy. In our initial meetings, owner Andrew had emphasised that high-end electric scooters were not impulse-buy products but those that require customers to make well-informed choices, which is why our content specialists set to work on creating a strategy for highly-relevant and informative content. As a result, Storm’s blog page has dozens of valuable content pieces, some of which like the Review of the Best Electric Scooters in New Zealand, have racked up over 20K customer visits, and been directly involved in the conversion path of many sales.

Paid Advertising ‐ Google & Social

Using the Google, Facebook Ad platforms, we developed and ran paid marketing campaigns built to engage potential consumers on their three-stage buying journey awareness, consideration and conversion and the key messaging and creatives used were differentiated for each stage.

Their Google Ad Display and Search campaigns have successfully contributed to close to 40% of the revenue combined while the use of Facebook and Instagram ads have brought in significant targeted traffic to the site.


Below are a few of the many results authentic digital’s campaigns have achieved for Storm Rides.

Rankings in Google NZ

150 targeted keywords in the Top #3

Over 250 targeted keywords on Page #1

320% Increase in Organic SEO Revenue YoY

Over 600% Paid Ads ROAS

Over 350% Social Ads ROAS

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