Close to the Heart

Close to the Heart is a designer of stylish and functional breastfeeding clothes with a mission to help new mothers maintain their sense of self. They are also one of the only breastfeeding clothes designers to place a focus on pyjamas. As well as selling through third-party stockists, Close to the Heart maintains an e-commerce website for shoppers to buy directly from them.

authentic digital works with Close to the Heart to support their e-commerce activity with paid advertising through Google Ads.

We’re proud of the great results we’ve earned for Close to the Heart and are delighted to receive fantastic feedback from co-founder Michele Lithgow:

It feels like authentic digital is really an extension of our own team. The communication is great – they genuinely want to know what we’re up to and what we’re working on, so they can make sure our online advertising is aligning to help us meet our goals.

Every decision they make is driven by data and insight – there’s no guesswork. As a small business, this is important as we know we’re making smart decisions and getting the best return on our investment.

Main Objective

Through the use of Google Ads, we’ve worked with Close to the Heart to help them achieve the following:

  • Drive more traffic to the website.
  • Grow their audience.
  • Increase online sales.


Advertising for Close to the Heart is limited by the Google Display Network’s Personalized Health Advertising Policy. For this reason, we focused our energy specifically on Google Ads.

We carefully segmented the account to optimize effectively and drive sales. Our campaigns were broken down into key product categories:

  • Shopping Ads, with remarketing.
  • Generic Ads, targeting broad keywords.
  • Dynamic Search Ads, matching searches to page content.
  • Pyjamas
  • Bras
  • Tops & Tees
  • Swimsuits
  • Dresses

In thoroughly segmenting our campaigns by-products and placements, we’re better able to target the right customers and achieve real business results for Close to the Heart.

Targeting not only 24–35-year-old women but modern 35+ years old has expanded the audience of Close to the Heart and contributed to a significant increase in sales.

Furthermore, we have recently implemented new tracking via manual implementation with code added to the checkout page. This will pull sales data directly into Google Ads and empower the AI to accurately replicate the behavior of users who have converted, ultimately leading to even greater Ads performance.



Increase in new users*^


Increase in Shopify revenue*

November 2021 was the first month with the correct sales being data pulled through to Google Ads. We anticipate the results to improve as the AI replicates the behaviors of those that have visited the website and converted. The more data the AI has the better it can replicate the desired results.

*Compared to the previous period, 2nd April 2021 – 31st July 2021.

Social decreased 41.01% in the number of new users for this period. The highest driver for this increase was Paid Search.

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