Do you know your Campaign from your AdGroup?

Exclusive Digital Marketing Glossary!

Coming into the world of AdWords is almost like learning a whole new language. Even our most seasoned AdWords experts scratch their heads at the latest buzzwords!

Not to worry! We’ve put together a collection of essential AdWords terminology just for you. Whether you’re an existing client of ours or just starting out on your AdWords journey these key terms and phrases will give you a great foundation to begin learning more about this fantastic marketing tool..

AdWords Glossary Volume One

Campaign / Each AdWords account is made up of Campaigns each Campaign shares the same budget, location, and other settings.

Ad Group / Each Campaign contain a set of AdGroups, which all share a common theme, product type or setting. Each AdGroup has its own set of Keywords and Ads.

Keyword / Your Keywords are the words or phrases that describe your product or service. They help determine when your Ads appear, and must be highly relevant to the AdGroup in which they are contained.

Search Query / This is what the user actually types into the Search Engine. Search Queries are matched to your chosen Keywords using the Match Types you set for each Keyword.

Match Types / There are three different Match Types available within AdWords, offering varying levels of control over Search Queries that may trigger your Ad.

Broad Match / Ads may show for Search Queries that include misspellings and related variations of your Keyword.

Phrase Match / Ads may show when a Search Query is a close variation of your Keyword, in the exact order you set the Keywords in. The Search Query may include words before or after the Keyword.

Exact Match / Ads may only show when the Search Query matches the Keyword exactly, allowing for spelling and grammar mistakes.

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